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Building Process

Our architects & designers work with the client to assess the property and draw up a comprehensive set of plans which are then submitted for approval by the relevant authorities. Once approved & planning permission is granted, the house components are ordered from our partners.

The construction and assembly process is straightforward and can take as little as a few days to complete.

Step 1: Foundation & slab

Using the building plans, the foundations are dug, then the steel reinforcing bars and metal form work are laid.

Concrete is then prepared & poured and the levels checked to ensure they meet the specifications.

Step 2: Installing ground channels

Lines are marked on the concrete slab according to the building plans, and the ground channels are secured using expansion bolts.

Step 3: Installing wall panels

Fitting of the sandwich panels into the ground and upper channels and securing them using bolts or rivets.

Step 4: Installing doors & windows

Openings are maintained for the assembly of the doors and windows.

Aluminum channels are riveted or bolted to enable the installation of the windows and doors.

Step 5: Installing ceiling panels

Ceiling panels are laid on top of the upper U channels and fixed using hexagonal self-tapping screws.

Metal exterior covers are than placed over the trims.

Step 6: Installing roof beams

Triangle beams and purlins are laid on top of the ceiling panels to support the roof metal sheets.

Step 7: Installing roof sheets

The roof metal sheets are fixed to the purlins with self-tapping screws and fasteners.

Step 8: Installing metal covers

Metal covers connect the wall panels to the ceiling panels and are then fixed to place by rivets or bolts.

Fully assembled house