Housing Solutions International

Welcome to Housing Solutions International Ltd (HSI) which aims at providing affordable quality homes to East Africans through the use of internationally approved housing technologies. HSI is affiliated with Helios Developments Ltd a company based in China with five regional offices and is involved in the provision of housing in Africa having constructed 500 units and 1000 units in Gabon and Angola in 2008 and 2010 respectively, All these projects were completed in record times.

Similar homes have also been constructed in China and Israel. It is expected that with experience gained in these African countries where the same mass housing technology was applied, the housing crisis currently being experienced in the region would be solved much faster at a reduced cost making the houses affordable to eventual buyers.

HSI is currently working on a pilot project in Nairobi before rolling out more projects within Nairobi then to other towns in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. These projects are expected to later cover the entire East Africa region. Similar projects are also earmarked to commence in Ghana as a base for the West Africa region.

Housing solutions for


We also have expertise in ready made houses

  • Unique & high quality home building system.
  • Based on a post & beam structural approach to construction & new home building.
  • Each house begins as a custom home plan, with corresponding house building materials.
  • Adaptable to any climate or terrain.
  • Prefabricated and shipped in building component form to clients’ building sites for construction.
  • Lower your total project costs through greater efficiencies
  • Simple to erect construction kits.
  • Fully constructed & ready for use in as little as a few days.